French Lifestyle taught by a native!

Have you always wondered why the French look so fit and full of life? 

Want to learn more about the "Joy of Living" or "la Joie de Vivre" through food, exercise, and a healthy mindset?

You are in the right place, this 90 day signature program will assist you in exploring the French Lifestyle and how you can include it into your current life, one small step at a time!

What does it entail?

* Learn more about why the French's relationship with food is so healthy, not only from what they eat but also the whole culture around food including how, when, and where they eat.

* Discover the French identity and culture that allow them to keep a healthy work-life balance.

* Explore the French mindset that gives most French people the motivation to create a fulfilling life for themselves.

* French people exercise throughout the day without thinking about it, which is one of the reasons why our percentage of overweight population is lower. Brainstorm on how you can integrate more exercise into your routine like the French while keeping it interesting.

* Evaluate your current life, decide what is out of balance, and how you can integrate more of the French lifestyle to your life and increase fun and fulfillment.

* As a (Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner), CBT, I am trained to assist you in identifying and challenging you to overcome the roadblocks in lifestyle modification so you can craft the life you want.

* As your accountability partner, this program is offering a hands-on and goal oriented approach designed to motivate you and guide you through the successful attainment of your goals.

* If you want more immersion or want to prepare for a French trip, you can also add French classes to the program. I concentrate on teaching you pronunciation and how to communicate, so you are well equipped for conversing and integrating the culture when visiting France or a French speaking country.

Sophie Terrillon Webster, MBA

Certified Life and Health Coach, CLC, CHC

CBT Practitioner