CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner)


Struggling with self-sabotage, procrastination or felling stuck? 


You are in the right place with Sophie's Approach!

While working closely with our partner, Marietta Roswell Counseling, I came upon a proven and very efficient technique among mental health providers called CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Are you struggling with your thoughts? Are your thoughts limiting you and slowing you down in creating the life you desire. Do you feel stuck?

Your thoughts fuel your feelings which are motivating your behaviors. Do you want to explore how to derail this vicious cycle and embrace new possibilities? Do you want to access the best version of yourself? Then CBT is for you!....


Not many Coaches know this technique or offer it. As a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner, I offer you this modality to address any obstacles and limitations to reaching your goals and consequently greatly improving your chances of success!


The technique identifies unhealthy and dysfunctional thinking patterns and guides us in switching to healthier ones.

By asking mind altering questions and teaching you new mindset skills, I give you the opportunity to see things differently. I offer guidance, empowerment, and motivation to create those mind shifts for yourself knowing that this will be one of your most powerful and transformational experience.

"The solution is within us. When we fully accept ourselves and own our lives, we only then have the power to initiate positive change!"  - Sophie Terrillon Webster

Sophie Terrillon Webster, MBA

Certified Life and Health Coach, CLC, CHC

CBT Practitioner